How To Make Your Own Matcha Tea!

In Japan, matcha has had a long history associated with the formal tea ceremony (Sadō or Chadō). Matcha differs from regular green tea in that whole tea leaves are powdered and consumed, instead of only tea leaves being steeped in hot water. This gives a much richer, deeper taste and greater health benefits. 

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Unboxing: The Summer Nights Box!

Summer has arrived in Japan and so has our Summer Nights box – a celebration of Tokyo's matsuri (festival) season! Check out our curated selection of ceramics and homewares inspired by the classic Japanese motifs of this memorable season.

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Robert McMaster
Neko Next: The Forest Bathing Box!

We're excited to share our Forest Bathing box with you! You'll find gorgeous artisan ceramics and other homeware with a forest & nature theme, to keep your home beautiful, calm and stress-free. We'll also include our custom-illustrated KAWA zine — your personal Japanese culture and travel guide — where we'll take you through our favourite Japanese forests.

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Carly Hitchcock
Neko Next: The Matcha Tea Box!

The Japanese tea ceremony is a Zen-based ritual that balances both your inner and outer experience to achieve a state of spiritual calm within yourself and a greater understanding of the world around you. After originating in China 2000 years ago, the Japanese further developed the ceremony and now continue to teach this beautiful and delicate practice to curious newcomers. We are excited to share with you the ceramics and tools used in this iconic Japanese ceremony!

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Neko Next: The Vintage Box!

June is just around the corner and so is our Vintage Box! For our upcoming curation of beautiful Japanese-made items, we looked towards famed illustrator Junichi Nakahara classic style. His eye for beauty and contributions made to Japanese culture in the mid-1900s inspired us to curate a fantastic selection of uniquely Japanese vintage-themed items just for you!

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