Neko Next: The Edo Box!


We are excited to give you a sneak peak into what could be inside your Edo-themed box! We spent a day exploring Ryogoku in east Tokyo to find you some of the best spots to visit while in the Sumo capital of Japan. Next month's KAWA magazine (included inside every Neko Box!) will guide you to historical attractions, a delicious lunch spot and of course Ryogoku Kokugikan – the world-famous Sumo stadium. Every issue of KAWA features illustrations, photographs and itineraries created with care by Neko Box. We love a fun day out in Tokyo – our itineraries are designed to make your trip to the big city hassle-free and enjoyable!

We can't wait to bring you a box full of beautiful Edo-themed items this April. We search Japan high and low to curate uniquely-themed boxes each month and deliver them straight to your door. Get an inside look below into what may be included in your April's Box!