Neko Next: The Matcha Tea Box!


The Japanese tea ceremony is a Zen-based ritual that balances both your inner and outer experience to achieve a state of spiritual calm within yourself and a greater understanding of the world around you. After originating in China 2000 years ago, the Japanese further developed the ceremony and now continue to teach this beautiful and delicate practice to curious newcomers.

We are excited to share with you the ceramics and tools used in this iconic Japanese ceremony! Inside your box you'll find a beautiful selection of ceramics and bamboo-ware. Please note, we aren't a food box so we can't include the matcha powder. We will give you some tips on where to find good matcha though!

Included in our upcoming Matcha Box is KAWA – your illustrated guide to Japan. Inside we will be exploring beautiful tea shops around Tokyo and giving special insight into the tea ceremony itself. Join us and experience uniquely Japanese themes each month with our curated selection of artisanal items.

Orders for our Matcha Tea Box are open until July 21st! Subscribe today to discover Japan together!

Check out the Matcha Tea preview below for a taste of what may be inside your Matcha Box!