What is Zakka?

As we're getting closer to launching the Zakka Kit (our new stationery subscription), you may be wondering what "Zakka" actually is?

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History of Zakka

This charming Japanese word became popular in the 1940's onwards and refers to any well-designed miscellaneous object that makes your daily life better and more beautiful. Isn't it a great word?! Zakka style usually has a vintage feel, inspired by Showa era Japan with European influences.

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Zakka Style

Zakka is such a huge part of Japanese culture. Tiny Japanese apartments are usually crammed full of trendy Zakka bought at various Zakka-ya (Zakka stores) around Tokyo and other parts of Japan. Zakka shops are common in Tokyo neighbourhoods such as Shibuya, Nakameguro, Daikanyama, Nishi-Ogikubo, Kichijoji, Sendagi and more.

What kinds of things can be Zakka? All kinds of stationery, as well as other small goods like art prints, daruma, ceramics, maneki-neko, kitchen items, kokeshi, decorations, mini plants etc...

What are your favourite Zakka?

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