Neko Box Sneak-Peek: Mythical Creatures!


Japan has a long history of fascination with mythical creatures; both the good and bad kinds! Yokai (monsters) and Yurei (ghosts) are the most famous of the mythical creatures, but there are plenty of protective guardians too!

Yokai and Yurei

There are hundreds of these creatures, ranging from the crazy bakeneko (changed cat) to the lonely Yuki Onna (Snow Woman). Artists during the Edo era used the legends of Yokai as one of their main subject matters. People are still fascinated by Yokai today. Want to learn more? Check out the Scary Ukiyo-E and Hokusai Manga books in our shop.

Good Creatures

There are many mythical creatures that actually serve as guardians and bringers of good luck. These include magical koi, various foxes, cats, dragons, magical lions, cranes, rabbits, turtles and more. 

Explore the world of Japanese Mythical Creatures with us! 

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Here's a sneak-peek of what could be in your box!

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