Unboxing: The Matcha Tea Box


Unbox the Matcha Tea Box – a curated selection of uniquely Japanese ceramics and homewares. Each item in this month's box encourages you to explore the beauty of the Japanese tea ceremony. This month's KAWA zine shows you how to make your own matcha tea and features recipes for using matcha in unique ways to create your own latte and mochi. You'll also discover Tokyo tea houses and learn about the culture and history behind the Japanese ceremony!


You can receive an illustrated print designed by Neko Box and printed in Setagaya, Tokyo. This beautiful depiction of the tea ceremony is printed on soft-textured Japanese paper and ready to frame – a wonderful piece of Eastern-styled art for your home or office!


Our Green Sakura Bowl matcha bowl (chawan) by Saikai Toki. Made with Hasamiyaki porcelain, it's the perfect vessel for your matcha, dessert or rice. The gorgeous ceramic container (chaki) features a stylized plum blossom (ume) and a textured glaze. Use it to store matcha powder, sugar or snacks!


This month's Neko Box also includes two items made from bamboo that are essential to the authentic tea ceremony. The matcha whisk by Hiroyoshi is the best tool for creating a frothy bowl of matcha. The thin tines are expertly hand crafted and attached by hand. 
The traditional matcha spoon by Seiwa is used to scoop perfect quantities of matcha powder into your bowl!


If you missed out on the Matcha Box, don't worry! There are still some left in the online store. Get yours today!

Matcha Tea Box
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