3 Ways to Use Your Furoshiki Cloth

We sent out beautiful Sakura-patterned furoshiki in our March Hanami Box! Missed out? Not to worry, we have more available in our online store here.

Furoshiki have become very fashionable overseas because of their novelty and sustainability. Furoshiki can be used to wrap gifts, bottles or your very own bento lunch (and double as a placemat if you're eating outside)! They come in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns; including both traditional and modern designs.

Furoshiki are possibly thousands of years old, but the name originates from the Edo period. During this time (1600s - 1800s), furoshiki were used to bundle up clothes to be taken to public bath houses (sentou.) The cloths were eventually used to wrap gifts and carry merchant's goods.

These days furoshiki have been replaced by plastic shopping bags or tote bags. However, they are still commonly used to wrap bento lunch boxes! Lately, furoshiki are experiencing a revival. Many Japanese brands are creating their own custom designs or collaborating with brands and artists. 

By now we're sure you're wondering how to use your own furoshiki! We have 3 different techniques below for you to try!

Wrap a Bottle

Wrap a bottle of sake, beer, wine or juice with this method. We'll be wraping our Sakura wine to take to hanami parties this season!

Wrap a Gift

Wrap food, books, cosmetics or anything you like with this method. Once finished, the top will have a cute bow!

Wrap a Lunchbox

Wrap your bento box or any other container with this technique. Have your own Sakura season party with all your friends!

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