How To Make Your Own Matcha Tea!

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In Japan, matcha has had a long history associated with the formal tea ceremony (Sadō or Chadō). Matcha differs from regular green tea in that whole tea leaves are powdered and consumed, instead of only tea leaves being steeped in hot water. This gives a much richer, deeper taste and greater health benefits. 

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony revolves around the preparation, serving and drinking of matcha. The elaborate, elegant ceremony has been refined over thousands of years by tea masters schooled in the way of zen. The ceremony involves a variety of tools from the bamboo whisk and spoon, to art, flower arrangements and even incense. If you have the opportunity to experience a traditional ceremony, we highly recommend it! You can also prepare your own matcha tea at home with Neko Box – check out our guide to preparing your own bowl of gorgeous matcha tea.

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The above tools are used to prepare your own matcha tea at home and are included in the Matcha Tea Box. Get yours now!

Neko Box How To Make Matcha

A tea strainer, teapot and of course matcha is necessary to create a delicious and relaxing drink. We trust Yunomi to provide fresh and authentic matcha direct to you from Japan. Check out the Matcha Tea box to receive your 30% off your first order with them!

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Gather your tea tools and boil 1/2 cup of water.

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Place 2 scoops of matcha powder in your tea strainer and sift into the bowl. Pour in boiling water to fill 1/4 - 1/3 of your bowl (depending on the size).

Neko Box How To Make Matcha


Quickly whisk the matcha side to side with your matcha whisk, until a layer of froth (very small bubbles) covers the whole surface (1-2 mins). The froth will be a vibrant light green colour.

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Enjoy your matcha! Matcha is traditionally drunk while still very hot and is usually served with seasonal wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets).


We hope you enjoyed learning about the beautiful Japanese tea ceremony – if you would like to begin your journey into this vitalizing process, start with our curated set of tea ceremony tools available now!




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