KAWA: Let's Hanami!

Eager subscribers were sent out our Hanami (cherry-blossom party) themed Neko Box earlier this month. We can't wait for you to discover the sakura-surprises awaiting you inside! Some lucky subscribers have already received theirs and we are loving their reactions. We're excited to hear how you have used the items in your Neko Box, so let us know!

"It's so beautiful! Absolutely in love with it!!" - @xkirame

Each month we hand-pick a selection of stationery, ceramics, homewares and iconic Japanese items and deliver them directly from Japan to your doorstep. Japan is rich with history and culture, and we are excited to deliver you beautiful & inspired Neko Boxes every month. Subscribe to receive our next uniquely themed curation!

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We want to give you a sneak-peak into our latest issue of KAWA – your fully illustrated itinerary to travel hotspots in Japan. We include KAWA inside every Neko Box so that our subscribers can discover Japan with us! Our Hanami issue takes us to Asagaya – a vibrant town in West Tokyo. Home to jazz music, animation studios and the fantastic Tanabata festival, Asagaya welcomes visitors to discover life at a local's pace. 

As designers, we love creating illustrated guides for our subscribers. We carefully consider what attractions to visit, where to eat and the most enjoyable way to get there. We share the experiences we have enjoyed to help you plan your next trip to Japan. Simple!

Our Hanami issue of KAWA takes you to Asagaya's Zenpukuji river, a serene area where locals enjoy day-to-day exercise and relaxation. However, during early-April the surrounding trees flourish with beautiful cherry-blossoms that create a special vibe amongst the community. On weekends, family and friends get together to celebrate each other's company and the warmer change of weather. Bring a picnic and join the festivities! Everyone is welcome. 

KAWA continues on with a selection of the best places to visit while in Asagaya. Check out traditional sweet (wagashi) and souvenir stores, taste delicious Okinawan udon (thick wheat flour noodles) and wonder through a stunning shrine hidden along the Zenpukuji river. We look forward to sharing more experiences with you every month. Don't miss the next issue of KAWA– exclusive to Neko Box subscribers!

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