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Kissaten Coffee Neko Box

Japan is famous for its unique take on the Western cafe experience. Coffee first became popular in Japan during the post-war era. The typical Kissaten cafe looks like a Japanese Art Nouveau throwback, and is styled with dark wood on the inside and outside, dark antique furniture, vintage art, ceramics and of course the famous drip coffee tools on the counter.

We curated our favourite Japanese-made ceramics and homewares that express the nostalgic beauty of Kissaten culture and added our own print and art design to bring the theme together – let's take a look at what's inside!

Stripe Coffee Mug
by Tokusa

These premium coffee mugs come in 1 of 3 different vintage-inspired colours: dark blue, rich brown or cream. Add some Japanese Kissaten Cafe style to your morning with this Minoyaki Mug, handmade in Gifu prefecture. The textures and glaze on this mug are really special. Use your stripe glazed mug for serving delicious Japanese-style drip coffee for an invigorating start to your day! Handwash only.

Stripe Coffee Saucer 

by Tokusa

This beautiful saucer is the perfect match for your premium Stripe Mug. Use as a saucer for your coffee mug, or to serve sweets and snacks. It can also be used as a decorative item to store jewellery or stationery. This lovely dish is handmade from Minoyaki porcelain, in Japan’s Gifu prefecture. Handwash only.

Two-Colour Glaze Mini Bowl 
by Tasai Kitchen

This lovely gradient glazed mini bowl comes in either vibrant blue or cream to complement your coffee mug and saucer. Use this little bowl to serve sugar or tiny sweets and desserts. Minoyaki porcelain made in Gifu prefecture. Handwash only.

Asanoha Cotton Cloth 
by Seirai Gokochi

This classic cloth is made from 100% cotton and is decorated with the famous Japanese Asanoha (leaf) pattern! Use this cloth when you’re making or serving your favourite Kissaten-style drip coffee. Gentle machine wash.

Kissaten Art Print 
by Neko Box

This stunning vintage-style print features a stylish woman drinking drip coffee in a Kissaten. The word コポ コ ポ is onomatopoeia for the sound of water bubbling (think of siphon or drip coffee). Printed on Japanese paper in Setagaya, Tokyo. Hang this print in your kitchen, dining or study room!

Create your own nostalgic Japanese coffee experience at home with the Kissaten Coffee Box!

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