The Teishoku Box & Spring Rabbit Zakka Kit

Neko Box Teishoku Box 1

Last month we sent out two of our most popular boxes yet – The Teishoku Neko Box & Spring Rabbit Zakka Kit. We love curating beautiful Japanese ceramics, homewares & stationery each month just for you! Let's take a look at what our subscribers got to discover...

Teishoku Neko Box

Neko Box Teishoku Box Japan Ceramics Dining Homeware 1

Traditionally a Japanese set meal, Teishoku is popular style of dining throughout Japan that offers a variety of delicious dishes presented on a single tray. With it's principles originating from Zen temples, Teishoku-style meals are a great way to experience Japanese dining! 

We curated a lovely selection of Japanese artisan-made ceramics and homewares to create your own Teishoku-style meal at home. Let's discover what will be in your Teishoku Neko Box:


Vegetable Plate by Yasaimoyou

Neko Box Teishoku Box Japan Ceramics Dining Homeware 2

Made in Gifu prefecture with Minoyaki Porcelain, these plates are perfect for serving up the featured dish in your Teishoku set! Just the right size for gyoza, tonkatsu or a small stirfry.


Mini Flower Dish by Yamako

Neko Box Teishoku Box Japan Ceramics Dining Homeware 2

Place your snacks or small sides on this delicate peach-coloured dish. The beautiful speckled texture is featured across both chrysanthemum and plum designs.


Hammered Metal Fork by Takakuwa Metal

Neko Box Teishoku Box Japan Ceramics Dining Homeware

We have been searching for the perfect fork to include in Neko Box, and this traditional hammered metal-style from the Tsubame region of Niigata fitted the Teishoku Box perfectly. 


Patterned Mini Bowl by Indigo Classic

Neko Box Teishoku Box Japan Ceramics Dining Homeware

Refined from generations of experience, we discovered these gorgeous bowl from Nagasaki prefecture. You'll receive one of five classic Japanese patterns including chrysanthemum, wave, cloud, sprouts or spinning top. These are great for a single-serving of rice or soup!


Two Double-Sided Coasters by Wadouraku

Neko Box Teishoku Box Japan Ceramics Dining Homeware

Created in world-famous Kyoto by a traditional textile company, each coaster illustrates a different season in Japan. For those of you with more minimal tastes, the reverse side offers a single colour. 


Teishoku Art Print by Neko Box

Neko Box Teishoku Box Japan Ceramics Dining Homeware

 We were inspired by vintage Japanese risograph printing throughout the curation process, so we created a Teishoku illustration to compliment your new homewares! Hang it in your kitchen or dining room to add traditional Japanese vibes to your home.


Excited to discover the joys of Teishoku dining? We still have some Teishoku Neko Boxes available! 




Spring Rabbit Zakka Kit

Neko Box Zakka Kit Japanese Stationery

 The perfect follow-up to our Cherry Blossom kit, the Spring Rabbit kit is here to add more spring vibes to your journaling, note-taking and gift-giving! All made with love by Japanese designers and artists. We can’t wait to see what you create with your beautiful stationery.


Rabbit Memo Pad by Oriental Berry

Created by infamous Japanese Zakka artist Noriquet, this cute memo-pad comes with four colourful spring designs. This series represents the Japanese term Ichigo Ichie which means ‘a once in a lifetime chance’. The phrase reminds us to value every little moment in life. Use this cute memo pad for taking notes, daily reminders or collaging into your journal spreads.


Spring Petal Masking Seal Stickers by Mindwave

These delicate flower petal stickers are a Mindwave classic! The translucent washi paper makes these stickers perfect for adding colour to your notes, gift cards and journal pages. You can also use these to decorate home items.


Neko Box Zakka Kit Japanese Stationery


Classiky Little Garden Washi Tape by Classiky x Ten to Sen

This quality washi tape comes in either green or yellow and features spring and summer flower illustrations by the famous Ten to Sen designer, Rieko Oka. Use to decorate your notes, journal pages, gifts, parcels and more.


Pastel Souffe 3D Ink Pen by Sakura

This pastel-coloured pen comes in one of 2 different colours: pastel green or pastel pink. The unique 3D ink has a raised texture and can be used to write on light or dark-coloured paper, or even to decorate photos and homeware items! Takes a few mins to dry on paper, and up to 10 mins to dry on glass or plastic.


Neko Box Zakka Kit Japanese Stationery


Black Brush Pen by Uni (Mitsubishi Pencil)

This classic, double-sided brush pen is great for writing and drawing both thin and thick lines. Use for sketching and note-taking as well as writing letters and gift cards – this pen makes all your messages look more unique and special.


Spring Rabbit Letter Paper & Envelopes by Frontia

This gorgeous letter paper and envelope set (x3) is decorated with usagi (rabbit) and ume (plum blossoms). Perfect for sending letters or writing gift notes to friends and family.


Neko Box Zakka Kit Japanese Stationery


Rabbit Stickers by Seal Do x Shinzi Katoh

These cute Japanese rabbit stickers have been lovingly drawn by Japanese zakka illustrator, Shinzi Katoh. These stickers are made from transparent plastic so they’re quite waterproof and can even be used to decorate plastic and glass.


Colourful Rabbit Clips by Midori

These colourful Rabbit Clips are made from a special mixture of paper and plastic which is more environmentally-friendly. Can hold up to 7 sheets of paper at a time. To use, just slide the clip onto the sheets of paper (don’t try to open the clip or it could break).


Want to add cute spring vibes to your daily journal? Get your Spring Rabbit Zakka Kit below!




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