Unboxing: The Mt. Fuji Box!

We sent out The Mt. Fuji Box to Neko Box subscribers during early February. We curated a special selection of Japanese-made ceramics, stationery and homewares paying homage to the impressive & iconic Fuji-san! Our subscribers loved unwrapping the surprises found inside February's Mt. Fuji Box. Let's see what's inside!

After opening your box, you'll be greeted by our insert describing this month's items and theme! 

Surprise! Mt. Fuji goodness just for you! We take great care to wrap fragile items so that they arrive to you safe and sound. 

One of our feature items included in February's box – the Minoyaki Mt. Fuji Bowl. Made in Gifu, an area famous for it's ceramic creations, this beautiful bowl is perfect for rice, noodles or cereal!

Next up is the Minoyaki Mt. Fuji Sake Cup. The two-texture contrast feels great in hand and is the perfect vessel for sipping on delicious Japanese sake!

We ventured to Hakone so that we could bring you a personalised itinerary in February's issue of KAWA! Join us as we discover serene nature, breathtaking views and cultural experiences unique to the home of Fuji-san!

This gorgeous Hokusai print of Mt. Fuji can be kept for yourself (who could blame you?) or sent as a postcard to a friend!

We absolutely love the gold-foiled and textured finish on these modern sticker designs of Fuji-san – we're sure you will too! You can grab them as part of our Japanese Icon Paper Sticker Set.

Have a mountain of tasks to get through? We're sure these Fuji-themed post-it notes will help you conquer them! The colours are beautifully saturated and will stand-out on your to-do lists!

The Wafuka Mt. Fuji Cloth is super-soft and kawaii! Convenient and easy to keep in your bag or pocket for everyday use.

That (un)wraps it up! February's Mt. Fuji Box blends a beautiful selection of ceramics, stationery, art prints and homewares into a unique Japanese theme. Missed out on The Mt. Fuji Box? We have a few left in our one-off store! Be quick, stock is limited!

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We are proud to curate unique Japanese-made items into interesting themes every month just for you. To get the best deal on our monthly subscription boxes, subscribe today!

Received your Neko Box? Head to our instagram and share with us how you use your items!


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