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Welcome to Neko Box!

Join us on a journey through the Land of the Rising Sun! Our new blog is ready to go! Over the last few months, Neko Box customers have enjoyed receiving a variety of Japanese lifestyle products - including ceramics, stationery, cultural goodies and Neko Box's own in-house created guide to Japan - KAWA.

'Neko Box is excited to bring you not only the material delights, but first-hand insight into the Japanese experience.' 

Every month we seek out beautiful Japanese-made goods to deliver to Nihon-lovers worldwide. But that's not all! The best part of exploring this wonderful country are the endless discoveries waiting to be found down the Ramen-stacked streets of Shinjuku to the romantic river-walks awaiting you in Meguro. Japan truly has something for everyone, and Neko Box is excited to bring you not only the material delights, but first-hand insight into the Japanese experience.

We're just getting started, so join us as we share our stories and sneak-peeks into whats coming your way in the next Neko Box! 

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