Cochae Orica Origami Card Book

Cochae Orica Origami Card Book

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This vibrant designer origami book makes a great gift or a wonderful addition to your origami paper collection. 

The book contains 16 Edo-style Japanese origami projects. You can make kabuki faces, koi fish, a fox, birds and many more classic Japanese icons! This origami card book comes with 16 tear-off pieces of paper with pre-printed lines to guide your folding. Use the accompanying illustrations to fold your masterpiece! The actual instructions are in Japanese.

"Origami creates three-dimensional objects from a single sheet of paper. As a communication tool, origami has great potential because it needs neither space nor language to be enjoyed together with people around the word. We bring a new perspective to origami to produce imaginative objects, we want to share with people."

Cochae is a boutique graphic design firm based in . There designer zakka products are famous in Japan and around the world. Their work includes origami, textiles, toys, packaging, interior design and more!

Size: 135 × 225 mm
16 sheets of tear-out paper
48 total pages

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