KAWA Travel Zine – March Hanami Issue

KAWA Travel Zine – March Hanami Issue


Get our latest issue of KAWA – your fully illustrated itinerary to travel hotspots in Japan. 

Our March Hanami issue takes us to Asagaya – a vibrant town in West Tokyo. Asagaya's Zenpukuji river is a serene area where locals enjoy day-to-day exercise and relaxation. During sakura season the surrounding trees flourish with beautiful cherry-blossoms that create a special vibe amongst the community. On weekends, family and friends get together to celebrate each other's company and the warmer change of weather. Bring a picnic and join the festivities! Everyone is welcome. 

KAWA continues on with a selection of the best places to visit while in Asagaya. Check out traditional sweet (wagashi) and souvenir stores, taste delicious Okinawan udon (thick wheat flour noodles) and wonder through a stunning shrine hidden along the Zenpukuji river. We look forward to sharing more experiences with you every month. 

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