Edo Box

Edo Box


Experience the nostalgia of the Edo Period in Japan with our curated selection

of ukiyo-e prints, iconic patterns, and traditional crafts to brighten up your home. In the

latest issue of KAWA zine, join us as we discover the old-town atmosphere of Ryōgoku.

Items included:

Edo Pattern Plate, by Minoyaki
These beautiful plates come in two different designs: Asanoha (leaf) and Seigaiha (wave). These were two of the most popular designs during the Edo period. Now they're iconic symbols of Japan. Use this beautiful plate for all your Japanese food, or as a decoration!

2x Ukiyo-e Postcards, by Pinup Japan
These amazing woodblock prints are made by the very famous Hokusai (Kanagawa Wave print) and Hiroshige (Asakusa Fuji print). These historic Edo prints will bring your walls to life!

Seigaiha Wave Print Cloth (tenugui) by Yagisei
This beautiful seigaiha patterned cloth (meaning blue sea and waves) can be used for many purposes including as a dishcloth, washcloth, hanging decoration, giftwrap and more! The edges are designed to be frayed so the cloths can easily dry.

Ceramic Windchimes (furin) by Yakushigama
These nostalgic Edo-style windchimes come in two different designs: a goldfish (kingyo) and owl (fukurou). Furin are commonly found outside Japanese houses, where the subtle tinkling is a reminder of a cool breeze in summer. Yakushigama is a ceramic maker from Seto; a city with a 1300 year history of pottery.

Hammered metal spoon by Taka Kuwa
This stainless steel spoon features a classic Japanese hammered metal design. During the peaceful Edo Period, metalsmithing became very popular for household goods. These spoons are made in Tsubame, Niigata; a famous metal-producing area.

KAWA Zine Issue 6
April’s KAWA travel zine takes you through our favourite spots in Ryōgoku. You’ll find fascinating museums, ramen, sumo and more!

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