Matcha Tea Box

Matcha Tea Box


Experience the harmony and delight of the Japanese matcha experience with our curated selection of ceramics and bamboo ware. You have everything you need to create your own matcha! In the latest issue of KAWA zine, you'll explore Tokyo tea houses, learn about the culture and history behind the Japanese tea ceremony and try out a few matcha recipes!

What's Included:

  • Green Sakura Matcha Bowl by Saikai Toki
    This beautiful pale pink and green cherry blossom matcha bowl (chawan) is the perfect vessel for your matcha. You can also use it for dessert or rice! These stunning bowls are Hasamiyaki porcelain, made in Nagasaki Prefecture. This famous pottery region has a 400 year ceramics history.
  • Ume Matcha Container by Sankido
    This gorgeous textured ceramic container (chaki) has a stylised plum blossom (ume) design and a smooth glaze. Use this container to store your matcha powder just before using it, or use for other things like storing sugar or snacks. This artisan Minoyaki porcelain is made in Gifu prefecture.

  • Bamboo Matcha Whisk by Hiroyoshi
    This handmade bamboo whisk (chasen) is essential for whipping up the perfect frothy bowl of matcha! The thin tines help to separate the matcha powder, making it smooth and adding the frothy texture to the top. Store carefully in a dry place.

  • Bamboo Matcha Spoon by Seiwa
    This traditional bamboo spoon (chashaku) is the final zen item you need to complete your matcha tea set. Use it to scoop just the right amount of matcha powder into your bowl. Made in Kyoto.

  • KAWA Zine and Print by Neko Box
    This month's KAWA zine explores matcha tools, recipes and history to inspire you to explore the world of matcha. Join us as we visit some of Tokyo's coolest tea houses, and learn how to make your own matcha!

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