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Product image 1Kyoto Kimono Zakka Kit
Product image 2Kyoto Kimono Zakka Kit
Product image 3Kyoto Kimono Zakka Kit
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This holiday season, enjoy the ambience and mystery of Kyoto’s traditional alleyways, filled with beautiful kimono-wearing women wandering peacefully through the snow. Discover colourful new stationery prints and patterns inspired by Kyoto’s history, traditional kimono designs and Japanese winter flowers!

Season’s Greetings Kyoto Gift Card by Frontia This stunning gold foil gift card features a beautiful maiko dressed in a traditional kimono, walking over a classic arched Kyoto bridge. This luxe card can be used as a Christmas, New Year or general holiday card with the words ‘Seasons Greetings’ inside.

Winter Plum Blossom (Ume) Notepad by Pinup Japan This gorgeous long notepad features beautiful winter plum blossoms (ume) and Japanese birds. Ume are famous for blooming when the snow is still on the ground. They’re usually white, pink or red and you can find them all over Japan from January-March – they’re especially beautiful in Kyoto in late winter! Use this lovely notepad for writing letters, gift notes, or for journaling decoration.

Traditional Japanese Washi Tape by MT
This lovely washi tape comes in either a vibrant
Red Asanoha pattern or a Navy Blue Star pattern. These beautiful designs are featured in traditional Japanese textiles and decorations. Use to decorate giftwrap, gift cards, notes, calendars, journals, planners and more...

Kyoto Illustrated Postcardby WhoMails?
These gorgeous postcards come in one of two
different Kyoto scenes: the famous Gion Matsuri
and Yasaka Shrine. They’re designed by Adachi
Masato and feature cute animal characters with
people dressed in kimono. Each postcard comes with a little story booklet. Frame your postcard or send it to a friend who’d love to visit Japan one day!

Kimono Accessories Stickers by Seal Do x Shinzi Katoh These charming, pastel-coloured stickers feature various kimono accessories like geta (wooden shoes) and kanzashi (hair accessories). Use them to decorate your giftwrap, gift cards, journal etc...

Tsubame (Swallow) Bird Stickers by Classiky x Ugyokusha These lovely sticker flakes are designed by the woodblock print artist, Ugyokusha and printed by Classiky. Use them to decorate your journal pages, gift notes, letters etc...

Sarasa Clip Blue Pen by Zebra
This classic Sarasa Clip Pen comes in a wintery blue and is just what you need for writing your winter notes and plans in your journal or calendar.

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