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The incredible hype for sakura season is felt all over Japan, and all over the world too! We know you all adore sakura-themed items – they’re cute, pink and delicate after all. Enjoy using your beautiful Japanese sakura homeware this spring, and all throughout the year! 

(Note: new images coming soon. Feature image by Instagram user @itspamss)

In your Sakura Dreams Box you’ll discover...


Sakura Bowl by Minoru Pottery
This amazing dark pink sakura bowl is Minoyaki – made in the Gifu region. You’ll love the subtle grey and white speckled background with the delicate sakura blossoms painted all over. Use this beautiful bowl for breakfast, dessert, rice or other small meals. Use with your sakura cup, chopsticks and chopstick rest for a cherry blossom- themed meal!

Sakura Cup by Minoyaki
This beautiful Minoyaki cup has a similar texture to your Sakura Bowl, but features lighter and more delicate sakura blossoms dancing in the wind. Use this lovely cup for green tea, coffee or Japanese alcoholic drinks like umeshu (plum wine) and sparkling sake.

Sakura and Cat Furoshiki by Maeda Senko
This colourful cherry blossom furoshiki cloth is part of a series that features Japan’s famous seasons, with the cat ‘Tama’ walking through nature scenes.
Use this lovely cloth as a placemat, tablecloth, wall decoration, or for luxury giftwrap!

Sakura Chopsticks by Tanaka Chopsticks
These classic cherry blossom chopsticks come in one of two colours (dark red or natural wood) and feature delicate pink cherry blossoms floating on top of the wood. Use your sakura chopsticks to brighten up any asian-style home-cooked meal!

Sakura Chopstick Rest by Yamani
This delicate pink sakura chopstick rest is the perfect accompaniment for your new chopsticks. Keep your table clean and beautiful by using it each time you eat with chopsticks. Make a beautiful spring-themed table setting with all your lovely new Japanese homeware!

Sakura and Girl Print by Neko Box
The Neko Box art prints are back! This stunning print features a Tokyo girl, standing dreamily amongst the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Hang this print on your wall for fashionable cherry blossom vibes all year round.

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