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Lucky Owl Box

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Owls are one of our favourite animals, and are an important lucky symbol in Japan! Japan has a long history of owl-appreciation and you’ll find many people, both young and old, carrying lucky owl talismans to protect them every day. Discover the enchanting world of Japanese owls!

In your Owl Box you’ll discover...

Lucky Owl Ornament by Yakushigama
This gorgeous ornament is the ultimate lucky owl ornament! Made by Yakushigama in Seto City (a town with a 1300 year ceramic history), these lovely owls are hand-painted with soft colours and gold features. This specific lucky owl beckons for good luck and luck with money. Place this beautiful owl where you’ll see him everyday, to get the most luck!

Two Owls Bowl
by Hasamiyaki
This beautiful lucky owl bowl comes in a speckled beige colour with deep brown hand-painted owls. The kawaii owl family will bring a smile to your face everytime you use this bowl! Use for rice or noodle- based meals, dessert, or even for your morning cereal! Hasamiyaki porcelain is made in Nagasaki prefecture; an area which has a 400 year ceramics history.

Owl Sauce Dish
by Yamako
These unique Minoyaki porcelain dishes are famous for their special indents. When you pour soy sauce (or other sauces) into this dish, the owl shape will become darker in colour and is really clear to see! Use these fun dishes for sauces, snacks or even as decorations.

Owl Cloth
by Maedo Senko
This super soft Owl-patterned cloth is made of 100% cotton gauze. Japan is famous for the softness and quality of it’s gauze. These night owls will brighten up your bathroom or kitchen!

Owl Postcard
by Wadouraku
These nostalgic illustrated owl postcards come in one of 5 designs and are illustrated by various Japanese artists who all love owls! Add this lovely postcard to your wall art collection, wherever your home or office needs more colour and Japanese art.

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