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Mythical Creatures Box

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Japan has a long history of fascination with mythical creatures; both scary and friendly kinds! Yokai (monsters) and Yurei (ghosts) are the most famous of the mythical creatures, but there are plenty of protective guardians too!

Discover the world of Japanese mythology with your beautifully curated collection of Japanese home goods.

Inside your Mythical Creatures Box you'll find:

Mythical Moon Rabbit Dish by Izawa

This magical blue and white dish features the mythical moon rabbit (tsuki no usagi) holding a mochi-pounding mallet. Every Autumn in Japan, the full harvest moon is celebrated in a festival called Otsukimi. The rabbit is associated with this festival, and brings good luck for the rest of the year.

Ceramic Lion Spoon by Kutaniyaki

This amazing hand-painted Kutaniyaki ceramic spoon features a dancing lion (shisa or shishi) in bright colours. Kutaniyaki is famously one of Japan's most expensive and beautiful pottery types, well-known for it’s bright and bold colours.

Protective Crane Ornament by Yakushigama

This stunning hand-painted crane (tsuru) ornament will protect you and bring you good luck for years to come. In Japanese mythology, the crane represents longevity and good luck because it is thought to live for 1000 years.

Yokai Ukiyo-E Postcard Print by Seigensha

In one of 15 designs, these scary Ukiyo-E postcards are reproductions of famous woodblock prints by Ukiyo-E master, Kuniyoshi Utagawa. The designs feature scary mythological creatures popular during the Edo period in Japan (1603-1868).

Dragon Cloth by Yuinoh

This beautiful cloth (in one of two different colours) features Japanese dragons (nihon no ryu) with clouds. Dragons are known as protectors of Buddhist lore in Japan, and are often found painted on ceilings of Zen Buddhist temples. This traditional guaze cloth softens with frequent use and can be used in the kitchen or bathroom.

Nine-Tail Fox Art Print by Neko Box

Your Kitsune Art Print, designed by the talented Neko Box team, features a beautiful Nine-Tail Fox (Tenko). Printed using the vintage Risograph process on special Japanese paper, you’ll treasure your fox print. The Nine-Tail Fox is a legendary creature who ascends to the heavens as soon as he gains his ninth tail.

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