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 Japanese Minimalism is inspired by Zen Buddhism and traditional ideas of harmony, emptiness and respect for nature. Discover the beauty of Japanese Minimalism with the black, white and red artisan homeware items in your Minimalist Box!


Wabisabi Bowl by Minorutouki

This soothing black and white wabisabi bowl features a calligraphic brushstroke reminiscent of traditional Japanese Zen art. The simple and timeless design is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and minimalism to your table. Use for soup, ramen, soba, rice dishes and more! Minoyaki porcelain, made in Gifu prefecture. Microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Ceramic Broth Spoon by Minorutouki

This gorgeous, subtley textured ceramic broth spoon is just what you need for sipping the broth from udon, ramen, somen and soba, or for eating miso (or other) soups. The soothing off-white colour matches your Wabisabi Bowl perfectly. Minoyaki porcelain, made in Gifu prefecture. Handwash only.

Minimalist Tea Cup by Miyama

This white minimalist teacup is just right for serving sencha (Japanese green tea) or other teas. Serve hot or cold all year round. Minoyaki porcelain, made in Gifu prefecture. Microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Lucky Zen Daruma by WaZakka

These lucky Daruma come in 3 different colours: black, white or red. Daruma are a well-known lucky Japanese charm. First, colour in the left eye and make a wish. Display your Daruma where you can see him every day. Once your wish has benn fulfilled you can fill in the other eye! 

Red & White Furoshiki by Yamada Seni

This minimalist red and white furoshiki (wrapping cloth) comes in a Mizuhiki design. Mizuhiki are the traditional Japanese wrapping cords (or ribbons) used on celebration envelopes and cards. Use your furoshiki as a tablemat, luxury giftwrap, bento wrap, wall decoration, folded bag and more! 50cm. 100% cotton. Carefully crafted in Kyoto.

Minimalist Nature Art Print by Neko Box

This serene minimalist art print features cranes standing in a river beneath the iconic Japanese sun. Printed on Japanese paper in Setagaya, Tokyo. Hang this Zen print in your bedroom, study or living room for peaceful vibes.


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