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You’ve all been asking for another cat theme, so here’s the perfect one for spring! These lovely bright cats will bring joy to your day every time you use this cute curation of neko stationery from Japan.

A6 Spring Cat Memo Pad by Greenflash
This lovely pink memo pad features an illustrated cat with the words ‘Nora Aruki’ which means ‘Nora Walking’. The inside paper is a 5mm grid design – perfect for jotting down notes and thoughts while walking, or making a quick sketch of your latest idea. Made using Japanese paper.

Spring Cat Mini Letterset by Pine Book
This mini Spring Cat letterset comes in one of two different charming designs and includes envelopes, writing paper and stickers to seal the letters. Use for writing cards, heartfelt letters and notes to friends. Made using special Japanese paper.

Spring Cat Balloon Stickers by Shinzi Katoh x Seal Do
These festive cat stickers come in a pack of two sheets and feature illustrations by the famous nostalgic-Japan designer; Shinzi Katoh. They’re plastic and waterproof so can be used on regular stationery, but also on mugs, coffee tumblers, windows and more... Feel the spring cat vibes!

Signo Fine Green Ballpen by Mitsubishi Pencil
This quality fine green ballpen is the colour of fresh spring grass! Use it to add some vibrant colour to all of your notes, cards, reminders and letters this spring. Use with your pink felt pen to create a spring masterpiece. 0.88mm.

Pink Sign Pen by Pentel
This bright pink felt pen is known as a ‘sign pen’ in Japan. These fine-point pens are great for sketching, hand-lettering and general writing.

Monpuchi Cat Washi Tape by Classiky x Toraneko BonBon
This delightfully illustrated washi tape features casual cat and animal illustrations by Toraneko BonBon. Use to brighten up your notes, art projects, gifts, mail and cards. Made using high quality washi paper.

Cat Eraser by Tokiwa
This cute spring cat eraser comes in one of many colours and makes the cutest desk ornament! Use it to erase all types of pencil marks including colour and watercolour. The Maneki Neko will bring you good luck with its beckoning paw.

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