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Summer Fruits Zakka Kit

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Product image 1Summer Fruits Zakka Kit
Product image 2Summer Fruits Zakka Kit
Product image 3Summer Fruits Zakka Kit
Product image 4Summer Fruits Zakka Kit
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What comes to mind when you think of Japanese summer fruits? We can’t get enough of all the vibrant watermelons, peaches, melons and kobosu! Brighten up your desk with these delicious summer fruit-themed stationery items from the Japanese brands you love.

Inside your Summer Fruits Zakka Kit you'll discover...

Watermelon Note Cards by Art Print Japan

These summery, metallic watermelon mini cards are made using special washi paper from Ehime Prefecture. Use these colourful cards to write gift notes, inspirational quotes or to use in your art journal or planner.

KaruCut Washi Tape Cutter by Kokuyo

This sought-after Washi Tape Cutter is made by the famous Japanese brand, Kokuyo, and comes in either light pink or light blue. Just clip on to your favourite washi tape (10-15mm wide), then pull and tear the desired length of tape. No more messy/ripped washi tape or scissors!

Letterpress Summer Gift Card by Classiky x Ten to Sen

This lovely Letterpress Gift Card comes in either a Summer Fruit or Summer Flowers design. Use your pen, highlighter, stickers and tape to decorate the inside of the card and gift it to someone special.

Summer Fruits Stickers by Neko Box

This month, Neko Box designed these exclusive watercolour stickers to brighten up your journal, planner, gift notes, calendar and more... You’ll love the juicy watermelons, bright kabosu (Japanese citrus fruit) and special Japanese Kyoho grapes.

Summer Collage Washi Tape by MT

These bright washi tapes come in 1 of 2 different colours: Green and Peach. The collage design is inspired by traditional Japanese paper & packaging designs and is perfect for adding some colour and texture to your giftwrap, cards, notes, journal, planner and more...

Sarasara Clip Dry Pen by Zebra

We know you can’t get enough of Sarasara ink pens, and now here’s a new design for you to try! You’ll receive one of two colours: red or black. Use this pen for all your writing and drawing.

Summer Mildliner Highlighter by Zebra

These classic Mildliner pastel double-ended highlighters come in 1 of 7 different summery colours. Use the highlighter side for highlighting notes and important tasks, and use the finer side for writing, drawing and colouring.

Watermelon Postcard by Frontier

These nostalgic summer postcards feature freshly cut watermelon ready to be eaten! The furin (Japanese windchime) in the corner is a classic symbol of summer in Japan. Use to decorate your walls, add to your art journal or as a gift card.


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