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Vintage Zakka Kit

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Our Vintage Zakka Kit was sent out in February! If you missed out you can now purchase this vintage-themed Zakka Kit for yourself or a friend!

Enjoy your curated selection of beautiful stationery crafted by much-loved Japanese designers and artists.

New pics coming soon. Current photo by Instagram user @sono_io_robbi

What's inside:

Taisho Era Real Vintage Postcard x1 by Various Artists
These stunning vintage postcards have been sourced from Japanese collectors, and feature scenes from Taisho era Japan (1912-1926). Some are illustrated while others are old tinted photographs – all printed on Japanese paper.
Vintage Colour 365 Notebook by 365 Notebook
This gorgeous notepad (in 3 different vintage colours) uses traditional, thin calendar paper (junpakushi) – perfect for writing, sketching and tracing. It even comes with Japanese writing guides (shitajiki) which can be used underneath the paper to help with drawing and writing notes.
Vintage Traveler’s Stickers by Midori Japan
Made in Japan by Midori (who also design the Traveler’s Company series), these whimsical stickers will inspire you to dream about your next travel destination! Use these charming stickers to decorate your cards, letters, journal pages and more.
Illustrated Letter Paper by Junichi Nakahara
This beautiful letter paper comes in one of 6 designs and can be used to write letters, notes and cards, or use as a decoration to brighten up your room or office!
Nostalgic Wood Mechanical Pencil by OHTO
This nostalgic mechanical pencil comes in a beautiful Japanese natural wood design, so you get all the charm of an ordinary pencil with the convenience of a mechanical pencil! Comes with 0.5mm lead which can easily be replaced. Use with your 365 Notebook to jot down all those important ideas and reminders!
Vintage Art Papers x4 by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten
These beautiful art papers are printed on traditional Japanese textured paper and feature various nostalgic designs including: vintage toys, vintage fabric, traditional patterns, animals and more! Nakagawa is a vintage Japanese brand with a 300+ year history! Use for origami, journaling, craft projects, wrapping tiny gifts and so much more...
Classic Iroha Washi Tape by Shinzi Katoh x Seal Do
These lovely washi tapes come in one of two classic folk designs (vintage symbols or vintage flowers) and feature gorgeous illustrations by Japan’s much-loved Zakka artist, Shinzi Katoh. Use this tape to add a splash of colour to your gift-wrapping, cards, letters, planner, and journal pages.
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