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Year of the Dog Box

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The New Year is one of the most important holidays in Japan! Every year Japanese people give each other lucky zodiac-themed gifts and send New Year postcards (nengajou) to everyone they know. It’s also common to visit a Shinto shrine to pray for good health and success in the New Year!

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Inside your Year of the Dog Box you'll find:

Lucky Inu Hariko Ornament
by Yakushigama

This amazing, hand-painted Inu Hariko ornament will brighten up your home and bring you good luck all year long. Inu Hariko are seen as lucky symbols for both children and adults, and many people collect them for extra good luck! This gorgeous Inu can wear the basket on his head, or he can sit in it.

Inu Hariko Cup
by Tenken Soui

This beautiful lucky cup comes in either red or blue . It features an Inu Hariko design with good luck charms including plum blossoms and pine needles. Use this cute cup to drink your favourite Japanese drinks (green tea, amazake, sake, plum wine) or as a decoration!

Seigaiha Wave Bowls
by Minoru Touki

These stunning traditional blue bowls feature the popular Seigaiha Wave pattern. Seigaiha means Blue Wave of the Sea and is often used as a symbol of good luck, peace and resilience. Use this earthy bowl for all your favourite Japanese meals: ramen, udon, rice dishes and more!

Inu Hariko Keychain
by Koyama

This lovely Inu Hariko lucky charm keychain is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Tokyo. The wood is hinoki, a sacred, fragrant Japanese wood often used to make temples, shrines and incense. The kanji means ‘inviting luck’. Use as a keychain, a bag strap or a decoration in your home!

Shiba Inu Cloth
by Zootto

This cute cotton cloth features Shiba Inu in various kawaii poses. Shiba Inu are one of Japan’s most famous (and cutest) dog breeds! Use this soft cloth as a handtowel, face towel or cleaning cloth. 100% cotton.

Year of the Dog Postcard
by Japan Post x Shinoda

This lovely, whimsical New Year postcard is a special collaboration between Japan Post and the illustrator Shinoda. The gorgeous design features Inu Hariko and a variety of other good luck charms. New Year postcards are called ‘nengajou’. Send to a loved one, or keep it and frame it!

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