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Wagashi Zakka Kit

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Product image 1Wagashi Zakka Kit
Product image 2Wagashi Zakka Kit
Product image 3Wagashi Zakka Kit
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Wagashi are delicate Japanese sweets usually made with rice our and sweet bean paste. You’ll love the pastel colours and pretty shapes of these beautiful wagashi-themed stationery goodies! Designed by Classiky, Shinzi Katoh, Nihongo Flashcards and more...

Colour in your wagashi print, add stickers and tape, take a pic and tag #zakkachallenge + @nekobox.japan to be in to win prizes!

Inside your Wagashi Zakka Kit you'll discover...

Wagashi Post-it Notes
by Nihongo Flashcards x Round Top

Nihongo Flashcards became a huge success on Instagram after posting Japanese words with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations! Follow them at @nihongo_ flashcards to see more. These perfect Wagashi Post-it Notes feature classic Japanese sweets including Taiyaki (fish-shaped pastry filled with sweet red bean paste), Senbei (savoury crackers) and Oshiruko (sweet red bean soup with sticky rice dumplings). Use your post-it’s for work or study notes, as bookmarks, in your journal and so many other ways!

Watercolor Pencils x3
by Sakura

These gorgeous Japanese watercolour pencils come in three natural colours, perfect for dry colouring, or use with a small brush and some water to turn your creations into vibrant watercolour paintings! Use to colour the Wagashi Shop print that comes with your Zakka Kit, create your own illustrations or for regular writing and note-taking when you need some different colours to set things apart.

Wagashi Stickers
by Nihongo Flashcards x Round Top

These gorgeous clear plastic stickers feature @nihongo_ flashcards’ famous illustrations, complete with English and Japanese names for each mouth-watering type of wagashi. Which one is your favourite? Use these waterproof stickers to decorate anything from ceramics, glass and plastic to notes, journals and your Wagashi Print.

Wagashi Shop Print
by Neko Box

Use this beautiful original Wagashi Shop Print with your Sakura Watercolor Pencils, stickers and tape. Share with us using #zakkachallenge to be in to win stationery prizes each month! We’re so excited to see what you create!

Vintage Notecards
by Classiky

These lovely vintage notecards by the famous lifestyle brand Classiky are the perfect match for your other wagashi stationery. Use them to write mini recipes, gift notes, important reminders, inspirational quotes and more.

Wagashi Washi Tape
by Shinzi Katoh x Seal Do

This amazing, bright pink washi tape features happy dango (colourful rice dumplings) ready to brighten up your day. Use to decorate your planner, journal, notes and gifts.

Wagashi Eraser
by Iwako

This super cute Wagashi Eraser comes in one of seven different colourful styles. Use to erase regular and coloured pencil markings.

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