Kawa Digital Zine: Edo Town Ryogoku

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Product image 1Kawa Digital Zine: Edo Town Ryogoku
Product image 2Kawa Digital Zine: Edo Town Ryogoku
Product image 3Kawa Digital Zine: Edo Town Ryogoku

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Come explore Ryōgoku with us, a neighbourhood in Eastern Tokyo that’s sure to delight the senses with Edo-era charm at every corner.

The Edo period (1603-1868) was a time of peace and massive cultural and technological change. Edo grew rapidly from a small fishing town into a cultural hotpot of Kabuki and courtesans, sumo and ukiyo-e art; images of the floating world which we’re still enthralled with today. 

12 pages.
Digital download (PDF version of our original printed zine).
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