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About Us

Inspired by vintage Japan

Neko Box was started by Carly Hitchcock and Rob McMaster in a small apartment in Tokyo in 2016. We quickly grew Neko Box into a successful online store selling Japanese homeware, stationery and subscription boxes to crafts-lovers all over the world.

When we returned to New Zealand in 2019 we wanted to keep sharing our passion for traditional Japanese culture, and Neko Box Fine Print Co was born!

Carly Hitchcock

Brand Director

Carly loves collecting vintage Japanese ornaments and art. She's inspired by Japan's much-loved crafts & artisan culture and is looking forward to exploring traditional Japanese life with you all again!

Rob McMaster

Art Director

Rob is passionate about exploring traditional Japanese culture through illustration. He enjoys photography, art and the stories of everyday Japan. Rob is excited to create unique art prints for your home.

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