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Cat Zakka Kit

Product image 1Cat Zakka Kit
Product image 2Cat Zakka Kit
Product image 3Cat Zakka Kit
Product image 4Cat Zakka Kit
Product image 5Cat Zakka Kit
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The very first Zakka Kit was sent out in October! If you missed out you can now purchase this Cat-themed Zakka Kit for yourself or a friend!

Enjoy your curated selection of beautiful stationery crafted by much-loved Japanese designers and artists.

What's inside:

Kitten Washi Paper by Classiky x Ugyokusha
This stunning woodblock print kitten washi paper has 24 sheets and can be used for writing letters, journaling, gift notes, wrapping small gifts or as napkins and coasters. Crafted in Japan by world-famous zakka brand, Classiky.

Tokyo Cats Print by Neko Box
This beautiful print has been custom illustrated by Neko Box designers. You’ll adore these charming Tokyo street cats with different poses! Hang this print on your wall, or use as a postcard, gift card or journal decoration. Designed and printed in Tokyo using special Japanese paper.

Cat Schedule Stickers by Seal Do x Shinzi Katoh
These cute schedule stickers are illustrated by famous zakka designer, Shinzi Katoh. Use them to brighten up your planner, journal, calendar, study notes, gift cards and more...

Maneki Neko Mini Envelope by Pinup Japan
This colourful maneki neko mini envelope will bring you all the good luck! Use for gift notes and small gifts or as a decoration in your planner or journal.

Sleeping Cat Stickers by Classiky x Mihoko Seki
These vintage style cat stickers are designed by famous Japanese lifestyle brand Classiky, in collaboration with a kimono pattern designer based in Kyoto. You’ll love the unique colours and Japanese textured paper! Use for decorating your planner, journal, gift cards and packages.

Coloured Marker by Tombow
These amazing double-sided coloured marker pens come in 12 beautiful colours. Designed by a classic Japanese stationery brand, these liners can be used for notes, planning, journaling, drawing, and gift messages.

Bean Cat Washi Tape by Seal Do x Shinzi Katoh
Shinzi Katoh is a famous Japanese zakka designer. You’ll nd his art on stationery, ceramics, accessories and more! Use this cute bean cat (mame neko) tape for planning, journaling, decorating packages, gift cards and other creative projects.


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