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Product image 1Edo Cats Zakka Kit
Product image 2Edo Cats Zakka Kit
Product image 3Edo Cats Zakka Kit
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Edo is the old name for Tokyo, as well as the peaceful creative period in Japan between 1603 and 1868. Edo cat illustrations were made famous by Ukiyo-e artists such as Kuniyoshi and Hokusai. Discover cute and quirky cat stationery: postcards, stickers, notebooks, pens and more to brighten up your home and once everyday!

Inside your Edo Cats Zakka Kit you'll discover...

Edo Fabric Pouch by Yamako

This luxury Edo-style fabric pouch comes in one of eight different Edo or Cat designs and uses traditional Kakishibuzome and Aishibuzome dying techniques (handpainted cotton dyed with natural persimmon juice or indigo dye). These 1000 year old dying techniques, make fabric stronger and naturally water- repellant! Use to store stamps, small paper goods and other accessories.

Edo Cats Postcard by Gakken Sta:Ful

This super cute postcard print features UkiyoE- style Edo cats in vintage colours with gold embossing. Frame this lovely print and display in your bedroom or offce, or use it as a thoughtful gift card.

Cat Notecards by Classiky x Mihoko Seki

These mysterious vintage cat notecards are created by Classiky x Mihoko Seki and printed on specially textured Japanese paper. Use for gift notes, journaling, crafts & more.

Sou Sou Edo Patterns Notebook by Gakken Sta:Ful

These B6 notebooks come in one of three different designs and feature prints by Sou Sou; the famous Kyoto-based textile designers. These lovely slim notebooks are bound using a traditional Japanese stitching technique and are perfect to use as your everyday notebook or travel journal. Show us how you use yours! Tag us on Instagram – @nekobox.japan

Edo Cats Washi Tape by Classiky x Mihoko Seki

This quality washi tape comes in rustic brown and features mysterious cats with vintage accessories. The pattern is created by Mihoko Seki, a famous Kyoto-based pattern designer. Use to decorate your journal and planner pages, add to gift wrap and gift cards and more...

Double-Sided Vintage Brown Pen by Mitsubishi

This vintage coloured double-sided felt-tip pen is perfect for writing gift cards, notes and daily reminders with a nostalgic touch.


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