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Experience the excitement of Summer Nights in Tokyo with our curated selection of ceramics and more. Get into the spirit of traditional matsuri festivals late-night street food summer drinks and meeting new friends. In the latest issue of KAWA zine you'll explore Koenji – the alternative culture hub of Tokyo and the location of the famous Awa Odori festival!

What's Included:

  • Summer Pattern Dish by Bloom Co. / Odatouki
    These beautiful summer-themed dishes come in 5 different patterns: fans paper cranes gourd blossom and asanoha. Use for snacks or as a decoration! This artisan Mino yaki porcelain is made in Gifu prefecture.
  • Traditional Ceramic Mask by Yakushigama
    These classic masks come in 2 different designs: Noh and Okame. Both of these designs are often found being worn at summer matsuri festivals and theatre performances. They're mysterious and represent good fortune and happiness. See if you can spot one next time you're at a Japanese matsuri! These beautiful porcelain pieces are hand-painted in Seto City Aichi Prefecture.

  • Textured Blossom Cup by Momoyama
    This beautiful handmade cup features floating blossoms a vibrant red-orange colour and unique crackled glazing. The porcelain is Arita yaki made in the famous pottery town of Arita in Saga Prefecture.

  • Summer Folding Fan by Toriko Rain
    These beautiful navy blue fans come in 3 unique summer designs. No summer night in Japan is complete without a folding fan to keep the heat and humidity at bay!

  • KAWA Zine and Poster by Neko Box
    This month's KAWA zine takes you through the underground creative area of Koenji Tokyo. Experience the magic of the annual Awa Odori dance festival and find some exciting new spots to put on your itinerary!

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