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Teishoku is the Japanese word for set meal. Teishoku sets usually contain a bowl of rice, miso soup and various other side dishes to compliment the main dish. This is a very healthy and exciting way of eating because there’s so much variety!

In your Teishoku Box you’ll discover...

Japanese Vegetables Plate
by Yasaimoyou
These vegetable-themed plates come in one of three classic designs: Renkon (Japanese lotus root), Takenoko (bamboo shoots) and Okura. These plates are perfect for the main meal in your teishoku set. Whether its gyoza, karaage, tonkatsu or a stirfry, you’ll have more fun eating with your Japanese vegetable plate. Minoyaki porcelain, made in Gifu. Microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Flower Mini Dish 
by Yamako
This delicate peach-coloured dish comes in one of two designs: Chrysanthemum or Plum. The Minoyaki porcelain is made in the Gifu region. The perfect size for snacks and small side dishes, this dish is just the right t for your next teishoku meal!

Hammered Metal Fork
by Takakuwa Metal
This stainless steel fork is made in the classic hammered metal style in the Tsubame region of Niigata, West Japan. Use this special fork as part of your teishoku set! Dishwasher-safe.

Patterned Mini Bowl
by Indigo Classic
This gorgeous mini bowl comes in one of five different classic Japanese patterns including Chrysanthemum, Wave, Cloud, Sprouts and Spinning Top. They’re made from beautiful Hasami-yaki porcelain in Nagasaki prefecture. Use for soup, rice, dipping sauce, snacks, dessert or drinks! Microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Two Double-sided Coasters
by Wadouraku
These gorgeous cloth coasters are made in Kyoto by a famous textile company. Each coaster features a different season in Japan, and they’re also double-sided so you can enjoy four different patterns! Use these to add some colour to your next teishoku meal.

Teishoku Art Print
by Neko Box
This subtle print features a traditional teishoku set meal in a nostalgic, vintage design. Printed on Japanese paper in Setagaya, Tokyo. Hang this print in your kitchen or dining room for a perfect touch of Japanese style!

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