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The Cat Box!

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Product image 1The Cat Box!
Product image 2The Cat Box!
Product image 3The Cat Box!
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Product image 5The Cat Box!
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The Cat Box is finally here! Japan has long been a nation of cat lovers. Since thousands of years ago, Japan has been fascinated by the independent and mysterious nature of cats. From cat cafes to cat-themed stores, cat accessories and even cat clothes; you’ll find plenty of kawaii items in Japan to satisfy your cat obsession.

Discover the cutest Japanese cats with your beautifully curated collection of Japanese home goods.

Inside your Cat Box you'll find:

Good Luck Maneki Neko
by Yakushigama

This joyful hand-painted Maneki Neko lucky charm comes in two different styles. These beautiful little cats will bring you good luck with money, happiness and general good fortune! Place him in a spot where you’ll see him everyday, as a reminder to be thankful everyday.

Happy Cat Cup
by Yakushigama

These stunning cat cups come in two different colours. This kawaii neko cup will keep you smiling all day long! Perfect for green tea soy milk coffee or juice. Hand-painted features & traditional crackled glazing make this cup extra unique.

Setoyaki porcelain – made in Aichi Prefecture.

Happy Cat Plate
by Minorutouki

These gorgeous Minoyaki porcelain plates feature the happiest, chubbiest cats you’ll ever see! Use these for breakfast and you’ll start everyday off with a huge grin :D

Black Cat Coasters
by Classiky x Tomotake

These amazing coasters are a Classiky favourite. Designed in collaboration with Tomotake (a famous textile artist), these cute black cats are specially letterpress printed onto soft cushion paper. Use as coasters or as a unique gift card!

Cat Chopsticks
by Tanaka Chopsticks

These charming cat chopsticks feature happy cat prints and our favourite; sakura blossoms! Use these with your cat plate to eat your favourite Japanese meals in style.

Maneki Neko Art Print
by Neko Box

Your Maneki Neko Art Print is designed by the talented Neko Box team. The print features a variety of Maneki Neko statues and Ema boards, inspired by the Maneki Neko Temple: Gotokuji Temple in Setagaya. Printed on special Japanese paper and imbued with good luck, you’ll love displaying your colourful Maneki Neko print in your home.

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