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Tokoname Yaki Hand-Painted Floral Tea Pot


Product image 1tokoname-yaki-hand-painted-floral-tea-pot
Product image 2Tokoname Yaki Hand-Painted Floral Tea Pot
Product image 3Tokoname Yaki Hand-Painted Floral Tea Pot

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Delicately hand painted with mountain flowers and coloured a deep green-black this stunning hand-painted tea pot is a piece to be treasured by any tea-lover.

Use with tea leaves or to brew hot water for your matcha.

Tokoname Yaki pottery – famous ceramics have been produced in this region for over 1000 years. Tokoname was the location of one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan!

Brand: Utsuwa
Size: 290 cc

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