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Yakushigama Inu Hariko Lucky Dog


Product image 1yakushigama-inu-hariko-lucky-dog
Product image 2Yakushigama Inu Hariko Lucky Dog
Product image 3Yakushigama Inu Hariko Lucky Dog
Product image 4Yakushigama Inu Hariko Lucky Dog

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Treat yourself to some extra good luck with this gorgeous traditional lucky dog (Inu Hariko). He'll be right at home on your bookshelf or dresser!

Traditionally these good luck charms were said to help women have a safe birth. Nowadays they are a much-loved folk art symbol of Japan along with Maneki Neko. 

These little dogs may look like cats but they actually represent a small and courageous dog often mentioned in Japanese traditional tales.

Handpainted by Yakushigama a ceramics brand from Seto City. Seto has a 1300 year history of pottery.

Size: 11 x 10.2 cm


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